Best Torrent Sites Jul 2024

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Best Torrent Sites Jul 2024

A BitTorrent File distribution system is a computer file which includes metadata about files and folders required to be distributed. There is a list of the network locations of high quality torrent trackers designed to help every participant in the system to find each other and make efficient distribution groups known as swarms.

In general, there is no content that has to be distributed is not available in the torrent file.

A torrent file only has details about files in terms of sizes, names, cryptographic hash values and folder structures to verify the integrity of the file.

All torrent files are easily identifiable due to their extension .torrent.

All users of the Best torrent sites Jul 2024 throughout the world nowadays get a wide range of favorable things.

If you search for a best torrent sites, then you may get confused with different torrent sites and seek how to find the best suitable torrent site.

You have to take note of unbiased reviews of top 10 torrent sites 2019 one after another. You will get the complete guidance and make a good decision about how to choose an appropriate torrent site without any complexity.

Basic terminology of torrents

It is the right time to identify and become skilled at the basic terminology of torrents. There are many things to consider and keep in mind to immediately choose a torrent site among a list of options.

For example, you have to take note of the following things before exploring the torrent sites.

  • Seeder
  • Leecher
  • Peer
  • Tracker
  • Health or availability
  • Seed ratio

Seeder is something in which a new life is born. A seeder is someone who has completely downloaded the torrent and uploading at the time.

A leecher is someone who downloads the torrent right now. He may upload at any speed. A peer is a combination of seeder and leecher.

A computer is a peer and connecting with you right now. A tracker is a computer used to track data of a torrent. This tracker is designed to update how many peers seed and leech the torrent on a regular basis, this will speedup the download process of torrent.  For more information refer best torrent tracker list article.

Health or availability of a torrent recommends how many complete files available. A seed ratio indicates the ration of data you have uploaded to data you have downloaded.  It is normal to upload at least the size of the data you have downloaded.

Popular torrent sites for kickass torrents

If you are a new or regular user of torrent sites, then you have to find out the best torrent sites 2020 at first and compare these sites based on your requirements on the torrent files. The following 10 torrent sites are mostly used and recommended in recent times. You can focus on various aspects of these torrent sites and make a good decision to fulfill your expectations on the efficient use of the torrent site.

The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay logo TPB | best torrent sites | alternatives to kat

As the King of Torrents, The Pirate Bay attracts everyone who has been seeking the number one torrent site in recent times. This torrent site is the oldest and the most recommended torrent site.  This torrent site is operating from its .org original domain name. High quality features of this torrent site make all users satisfied.

URL               :
Alexa Rank: 104

ExtratorrentExtra torrent logo - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

An ever-increasing userbase of the Extratorrent reveals its success rate and benefits to every user. An active community of this torrent site plays a leading role behind its popularity and position in a list of top torrent sites in the world. This torrent site is the home to the most popular ETTV and ETRG release groups.

URL               :
Alexa Rank: 1580

Rarbgrarbg logo top torrent sites best torrent sites torrenting sites

Rarbg has begun out as a Bulgarian tracker and gained both minds and hearts of so many video pirates.  Other torrent indexes to movies and TV shows with a Rarbg tag make this torrent site well-known and satisfy all users.

URL               :
Alexa Rank: 318

YTS.AGyts ag logo best torrent sites top torrenting sites

YTS.AG is a torrent site and entirely disconnected with the original YTS or YIFY group. The first-class features and regular updates of this torrent site make all users happier than ever.

URL               :
Alexa Rank: 360

TorrentZ2Torrentz2 logo - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

As a stand-in for the original site, TorrentZ2 gets a good recognition and voluntarily closed its doors last summer. The meta search engine of this torrent site opens about the fact that it is disconnected with the real Torrentz and gets a good position itself as an improved version among 60 other torrent sites in this category.

URL               :
Alexa Rank: 326

1337X133x logo - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

Qualified and committed admins and moderators of 1337X torrent site make all users more contented than ever. A good improvement in this torrent site in recent times enhances its recognition and increases total number of users worldwide. The latest design of this torrent site impresses every new visitor. An enhanced function of this torrent site makes all users happier than ever.

URL               :
Alexa Rank: 315

TorrentProjectTorrentproject logo - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

Even though TorrentProject is the most familiar torrent site in recent years, this torrent site appears in a list of the best torrent sites at this time. This is because the most outstanding updates of this torrent site.  This leading torrent site uses DHT to identify content. The database of this torrent site has over 10 million torrents.

URL               :
Alexa Rank:  325,698

EZTV.AGEZTV.AG logo - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

New owners of the EZTV.AG claiming the ownership of this brand after the original TV torrent distribution group shut down due to a hostile takeover in a couple of years ago. This new group successfully operates and releases a wide range of new torrents. On the other hand, the controversial history of this torrent site is an important reason behind why it is banned by some other torrent sites.

URL               :
Alexa Rank:  325,698

TorrentDownloadsTorrent logo - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

TorrentDownloads is actively blocked by ISPs in many countries like many other torrent sites. This torrent site successfully provides no-nonsense index to enhance the access to torrents by millions of users every month.

URL               :
Alexa Rank:  675,654

LimetorrentsLimetorrents - best torrent sites top torrenting sites

Limetorrents is one of the best torrent sites and used by many people throughout the world. An operator of this torrent site has successfully launched the torrent cache namely iTorrents a couple of months ago. Different torrent search engines efficiently use this torrent cache in recent times.

URL               :
Alexa Rank:  1,279

If you come across any best torrent site or facing any issue while downloading torrents or torrenting, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

Final thoughts, This is the top 10 best torrent sites, to download torrent files or magnet links from these said sites you will need torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuzu, qBittorent and etc.. and it can easily installed. We are not promoting downloading torrents as it illegal, In some Countries government and ISP’s are watch on these activities. Without caught If you still need to download torrents Use NordVPN(Save 72%) and secure your online identity.


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