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private internet access vpn


Private Internet Access PIA is one of the best-performing, and one of the least expensive, virtual private network (VPN) services that we have tried it in our labs. It lets you sign up and pay anonymously and has more than 3272+ servers in 25 countries.

Private internet access is a well established virtual private network that is offering both secure and private types. This VPN is providing reliable service and high levels of the privacy to end user.

Specific features which are coupled with this PIA VPN are listed below,

  •    Server located across the world
  •    Outstanding privacy policy
  •    Robust encryption

Interesting Information about – Private Internet Access VPN

There are numerous reasons to use VPN such as unrestricted access, different IP address, anonymity and WiFi security. A virtual private network is a group of networks which is widely used by the banks and large corporations such as software firms, hospitals, educational institutions and much more. Many types of virtual private network are available in the market, but people are showing keen interest to use Private Internet Access VPN since it is offering safer rather than another virtual private network.

Features of Private Internet Access 

  • Domain name system leak protection,
  • Kill switch,
  • Built in socket secure proxy,
  • Wide choice of the encryption protocols
  • Auto connect elements that might connect to the VPN as fast as possible.Private Internet Access

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One of the main reasons to choose this VPN is that the website might show server counts, location and bandwidth stats. According to the research says that this VPN is offering access to 3272 servers in the 25 countries. Private internet access is the best forming as well as least expensive VPN. Once you sign up with this VPN, then you get access to 3000 servers. People can sign up for the private internet access with only an valid email address.

Private Internet Access (PIA) Features

Vital characteristics of private internet access VPN

There are numerous numbers of features that are included in the private internet access virtual private network such as

  • Use multiple devices simultaneously – One of the coolest features of the PIA VPN is that you can use this service on various devices at same point of time. However, it is not a big deal when you are using only one plan and it could be an excellent deal for those who are in large numbers such as bunch of roommates or family members who might look to ensure the privacy across multiple devices.
  • It is offering VPN kill switch, and it is mainly used for shutting down your internet connection so that you can protect your privacy. When compared to other VPN, it is offering excellent benefits like servers in about 25 different kinds of locations and 600 gateways.
  • PIA VPN allows you to select the encryption level that is suitable to your requirements. You can choose any varieties of the encryption level so that you can easily hide your IP address and it might offer bank-level security.
  •  Apparently, Protection is required when it comes to any kinds of the VPN, and this VPN always provided massive security measures. It passes the security test so that it might make the individual layers of the privacy and security for users.

Significant importance of choosing private internet access VPN

Private internet access is a low cost and decent VPN service which is based in the United States. It can provide you the acceptable speed. This VPN application is having a simple and user-friendly interface so it can integrate well with windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Two main features are available in this VPN

Such as,

IPv6 leak protection and kill switch.

The kill switch features block all internet traffic in the event of the dropped VPN connection. At the same time, IPV6 leak protection feature prevents your IPV6 address leaking from outside of the VPN tunnel. The primary testing procedure was done at this virtual private network such as DNS leaks, IPv4 leaks, WebRTC leaks and IPv6 leaks.

  • Plenty of protocols are supported by this VPN such as PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP or IPSec.
  • Unlimited speed and un-metered bandwidth are available to all customers.
  • This VPN can deliver remarkably speed and choice of the VPN gateway includes Sweden, Romania, France, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands.
  • It comes under your budget, and there is no free trial available to this VPN, but you can get seven-day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • People can also acquire customer support via forum, email, live chat and support tickets.

Private internet accesses versus other VPN’s

If you choose PIA VPN, then you can get excellent benefits such as premium

  • Customer service,
  • P2P Support,
  • Unlimited Bandwidth,
  • Multi-device use connect upto 5 devices,
  • Large numbers of the servers,
  • High level of encryption (PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec),
  • Extremely private and secure severs,
  • No traffic logs,
  • Stable and fast connections.

However other kind of virtual private networks might offer slow speeds, unstable connection, inject scripts to the computer, ban HTTPS browsing and use basic insecure protocols and most importantly less information security since  few may sell your information to the third party advertisers

PIA VPN might not collect the logs so that your information could be more secure. The other VPN providers might allow others to monitor your activity so that they can efficiently use your accounts and bank information.

Some of the VPN providers might collect the data log with the help of your app usage and browsing. Luckily PIA VPN is offering access to the 3000 plus servers so you can quickly switch to another server with unlimited numbers of the times.

Benefits of using Private internet access VPN

If you look for the best and perfect VPN service, then you are advised to choose private internet access VPN because it is offering numerous advantages such as

  • Bypass Censorship – Private internet access is beneficial to bypass the toughest firewall and censorship measures used by network administrators, governments, and internet service providers.
  • Protection of WiFi sessions – It can secure your wireless session from malicious sniffing programs and hackers when you connect to the public hotspots that are available at public parks, hotels, and malls.
  • Secures all applications – Unlike traditional privacy solutions like the proxy, private internet access might secure all kinds of application which connects to the internet like torrenting software, VOIP clients, email clients, and browsers. It is the best options to the bank and other organizations.


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